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Don't worry about transportation – we've got you covered! At Stone and Mulch Center, we're delighted to offer convenient delivery services for all your material needs. Delivery is available based on subdivisions, with a minimum requirement of just one yard. Let us bring the materials directly to you, hassle-free!

stone and mulch center stafford va

Stone & Mulch Center Delivery Policy

We make deliveries within the driveway boundaries ONLY. Any exceptions to this policy are done at completely the customers risk and responsibility and the drivers discretion. Drivers will do their best to fulfill your delivery requests, but the final decision, for reasons of safety, is up to the driver. Co-signer assumes all responsibility for all damages if anything beyond driveway delivery is requested. This includes damages to our equipment, dump truck, towing expenses, and lost use charges. Decision to proceed beyond normal driveway delivery is at the sole discretion of Stone and Mulch Center, Inc.


Stone and Mulch Center, Inc. is not responsible for cracked or broken curbs, sidewalks, driveways, damage to vegetation, grass, fencing, building structures, underground septic systems, sprinklers systems, drainage pipes, or anything else for that matter. Any damages caused to or around the property is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Stafford  •  Spotsylvania  •  Fredericksburg  •  Prince William

stone and mulch center stafford va

Tips Upon Delivery

Please be flexible. There are many factors that may prevent a product from being placed in a certain area. Drivers' decisions will be made on the basis of potential safety hazards and property damage. Remember that while we will do our best to satisfy your requests, our first commitment is to the safety of everyone involved.


Prior to unloading, the driver will request payment (if COD), a signature of the legal property owner or agent for the delivery disclaimer, and the customer’s visual inspection of the material.

Driveways & Walkways

The weight of our delivery trucks can potentially harm concrete or stone pavement if driven over. To prevent any damage, our trucks will not traverse new pavement or asphalt. These surfaces require up to one year to cure fully and may be susceptible to damage from the weight of the truck.

Overhead Concerns 

When scheduling a delivery, be sure to let your salesperson know at the time of scheduling about any power lines, tree limbs, or other overhead objects that could obstruct the movement of the dump truck. The truck may not operate within 10 feet horizontally or 30 feet vertically of power lines due to electrocution hazards. Operation may also be limited to steep grades.

Underground Concerns

The location of septic lines, sprinkler heads, underground drains and utility lines are all important to the capabilities of the truck to drive in certain areas. The delivery truck's weight could cause damage to any of these items if present. Be sure to advise your salesperson or driver of their presence.

Children & Pets
Keep pets penned up and children out of the vicinity during the delivery. Drivers are unable to see objects in their mirrors that are directly behind the truck.


Take weather conditions into consideration. If the ground is wet, it may be difficult for the truck to deliver without damaging grass or landscaping. We can always reschedule deliveries because of

weather concerns.


When receiving a dump truck delivery, be aware that drivers cannot spread aggregates using the truck capabilities only. The stone or other materials will require additional materials raking or tractor work after delivery to create an even surface. We do not offer installation services or design. Please call or come in to discuss your installation needs, as we have a list of highly recommended contractors.

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